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Stainless Steel Slitting & Edging

stainless steel slitting

MD Metals can slit and edge your stainless steel! We can slit 300 and 400 series stainless steel and PVC coated material with a variety of finishes to your unique specifications. We pride ourselves on precise stainless slitting to the tightest of tolerances with clean edges.

We also do round edging coil-to-coil or cut to length for stainless steel and PVC coated material.

We understand the difficulty of slitting stainless steel and have mastered the process. We treat your material like our own and guarantee the highest level of quality. While our niche is heavy gauge narrow slitting, our stainless slitting knives can handle a wide range of thicknesses and widths.

The following stainless specifications are for slit product only. If we are sending material to the edger, we can take more cuts in one pass.

Stainless Slitting Capabilities
ThicknessNarrowest Slit WidthMaximum # of CutsMinimum Trim Needed
.054 – .1870.625”7 (if slitting only)0.625”

stainless steel slitting

We can also break down master coils up to 50.00” wide and re-slit them. Feel free to inquire about master coil slitting.

*Please inquire about your specific job. The capabilities can vary slightly depending on the grade of material.

Our slitting lines can accommodate a wide range of stainless steel materials. Here is a sample of some of the austenitic grades that we can process:

301 SS – ASTM / ASME UNS S30200 Standards met. Contains a higher concentration of carbon, and possesses high tensile strength. 301 SS coil can be produced for applications
ranging from automotive to hardware.
stainless steel slitting
302 SS – Used frequently due to chemical, physical, and mechanical properties ideal for formability. Slitting 302 SS produces slit coil that has excellent heat and corrosion resistant properties.

303 SS – Slit for use in applications with moving components due to properties that aid in easy removal. *wire only, not strip?

304 SS – Slit to your specifications for coil that has high strength and durability. 304 strip coil meets strict requirements in industries such as medical and food & beverage. MD can slit 304 with a variety of finishes.
stainless steel slitting
409 SS – Often utilized in automotive, heating/cooling systems, exhaust and other similar applications due to fabrication ease and corrosion resistance. Formability is comparable to that of carbon steel.

410 SS – Provides a wide range of tempers, and doesn’t have flatness tolerances. This grade also has high form-ability, and possesses good cold working properties.

420 SS – Has higher strength and corrosion resistant properties than 410, and is often utilized in medical instruments, fasteners, and more. A variety of finishes can be applied to 420 SS, including smooth, bright annealed, and more.

439 SS – Used in automotive applications that are associated with oxidizing environments. 439 SS possesses high thermal conductivity, making it ideal for use in components in exhaust, tubing, and more. 439 also has high formability.

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